What makes Compy® unique?

A feel for packaging and a heart for the environment.
That's Compy.
Thuis composteerbaar

Compy® is compostable

Packaging, a natural product? Yes, of course, if it’s Compy. Think a special type of paper, cornstarch glue, a layer of biodegradable coating/wax layer and the right water-soluble ink.. These features make Compy an environmentally friendly packaging that is fully broken down on your compost heap. And make you a more environmentally conscious user.

After Compy has been converted into good quality compost (without heavy metals or harmful substances), it is perfectly suited for use as fertilizer for your plants. ‘OK compost HOME’ is our motto. That’s exactly what it says on your Compy packaging. It’s the label for packaging that can be composted at home. Perfect!

You haven’t got a compost bin at home? No worries, read on to find out how you can recycle the packaging.

OK Compost
Thuis composteerbaar

Compy® is recyclable

There is no problem putting your Compy packaging out with other paper waste. Instead of an ordinary bread bag with a standard paraffin coating made of petroleum, , Compy opted for a biodegradable layer of coating that does not interfere with the recycling process. You can fully recycle this packaging with its natural coating. Very handy!

Compy® houdt van het bos

Compy® loves the forest

Compy bears the PEFC label. This label guarantees that Compy uses sustainably managed paper for its packaging. And that’s a good thing. Forests are under enough pressure already. With a product like Compy, you are putting a stop to deforestation and ensure that wood is used in an appropriate manner. Sustainable wood harvesting is our shared commitment.


Compy® keeps your food daily fresh

A crisp loaf of bread all day long. Fresh food that looks as if it had come straight from the grocery counter. Compy keeps your food just as fresh and crisp as other standard forms of packaging. How? Thanks to the natural coating on top of the bag. An ideal way to protect your bread while also letting it breathe. Or to keep your hamburger wrapper free of grease. That’s what really matters, after all, isn’t it?

Choice of a broad range of products

Are you looking for bread bags, sheets or rolls? Coated and customized? Compy has something for you in a wide range of formats.

Have a look at the full range of Compy® products

Add your logo or house style

Would you like our ecological Compy packaging printed with your own logo or house style? Good idea, for that way you score high on the green scale! Contact us without obligation to find out about the possibilities.

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OK Compost PEFC


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  • NL 2013182
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OK Compost
Compy packaging was developed, after 2 years of research, by: Green Solutions by ACE