Composting Compy®

How do you compost Compy? Very easily, it seems.
Put a compost bin in your garden and throw your Compy packaging in. That’s it!

Compostable at home

Composting it yourself to make a 100% natural fertilizer for your garden is an easy way to save on waste disposal costs and do your bit to reduce our mountains of rubbish. Yes, in addition to grass, vegetable scraps, straw, wood chips and so on, you can also add our packaging to the compost heap. As long as it’s Compy packaging. Our products are broken down completely, within a period of 6 months at most. The speed depends on a number of factors such as the temperature, moisture, oxygen content, etc.

Tip! Use the Compy bag as a rubbish bag. Throw it along with your fruit and vegetable scraps on your compost heap.

Balanced compost with Compy

Do you already have a compost bin in your garden? Would you like to give a boost to the composting process? Then make sure you have a good balance between ‘brown’ (dry) and ‘green’ (moist) materials, use the aerator tool weekly and make sure there is enough moisture and oxygen. An added advantage is that with Compy you have sufficient dry material for a balanced composition of your compost. Try it out!

No compost bin at home?

No worries. Feel free to put your Compy packaging out with your paper for recycling or include it with your biodegradable waste!

Opt for an environmentally friendly packaging! Feel free to contact us with no obligation!



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OK Compost
Compy packaging was developed, after 2 years of research, by: Green Solutions by ACE