Compy®, your green marketing concept

Packaging that can be composted at home and recycled:
this is how you can stand out from your competitors as an environmentally aware business.

Enhances your green and sustainable image

Many companies are taking steps these days to be environmentally conscious. You too? Introduce Compy in your company or store, do your bit for a greener world and impress your clients and suppliers.

Remains affordable?

Are environmentally friendly products much more expensive? Not necessarily. Compy is and remains affordable. If you tally up all the irresistible advantages in terms of the environment and quality, you get top value for your money. We’re happy to oblige!

Choose from a broad range of products

Are you looking for bread bags, sheets or rolls of wrapping? In brown, white or beige? Coated, customized? Compy has what you need, in various formats. Make your choice, for they are all of high quality and sustainable.

(min. order from 25,000 pieces for standard formats)

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Strengthen your marketing

How can you stand out within the food sector these days? All consumers expect a high quality and attractive product. But have you taken a look recently at your packaging? Is it sustainable? No? Then opt for Compy and customize with your logo or marketing message. Create a Compy packaging that is fully in line with your house style, thus putting your company and products on the environmental map.

Opt for an environmentally friendly packaging! Feel free to contact us with no obligation!



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OK Compost
Compy packaging was developed, after 2 years of research, by: Green Solutions by ACE